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Lynn Pascoe

Fine Art, Printmaking, Oil Painting, Photography & Ceramics

About Lynn

Lynn is a local artist who takes inspiration from her surroundings. Attuned to the land, she is strongly influenced by the countryside and the way in which it affects our general well-being. Lynn’s art is expressed in different ways – previous bodies of work are based around the migrant agricultural workers and the China Clay workers – more recent work shows the strength and timeless qualities in the trees and landscape around us.

Lynn worked as a radiographer at the City hospital and Treliske; alongside this she studied Fine Art at Falmouth college of Art qualifying with a BA(Hons) in 2006. At Falmouth, she became passionate about fine art printmaking – Monoprint, screenprint, woodcut, lino and etching. Lynn has exhibited around Cornwall, the South West, Surrey and as far afield as Scotland.

Cyanotypes, also known as sun prints, are a speciality. These use an early photographic process and are exposed and developed without the use of a camera. Lynn creates unique results using acetate ‘negatives’ and/or found objects placed onto photosensitive paper and exposed to ultraviolet light. By exploring and embracing the variability of the process, the work grows in different directions; her work evolves from the selective representational to a more abstract approach; experimental processes in her work create individual, unique pieces. 

Recently Lynn is enjoying painting in oils which is a perfect medium to show off our beautiful Cornish coast and countryside, whether rugged and dramatic, or calm and gentle. Enjoying the outdoors in a variety of landscapes, Lynn has also spent time in the Alps travelling with her sketchbook and camera. Back in the print room in St Ives and in her home studio, Lynn creates mountain views in fine art print and oil paint to show us the drama of the mountains around Chamonix.

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