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About Kev

Kev was born and raised in Cornwall and uses his home county as the inspiration for much of his work. When not at home, he utilises his passion for travelling around Europe as a catalyst for his creative desire.

Pyrography is his chosen medium for various reasons. The idea that every piece of work is unique is very important to him; even he doesn’t know what iconic landmark he is going to create until he has studied the shape and grain of the wood to envisage what it naturally lends itself to. Kev also admits that he is a little obsessed with the smell of burning wood filling his work space in St. Agnes, his favourite being olive wood for its sweet scent. 

Kev is available for commissions, so if you have a favourite place that you would like to have immortalised onto wood, please feel free to contact him, where you can discuss the requirements and possibilities in more detail. 

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